Encouraging learning
Château Palmer, 20/01/2011 Press/Interviews
Château Palmer has a yearly tradition of welcoming one or more interns to our team.
In 2010, three interns joined our team with goals of developing their skills, putting their knowledge into practice and also giving us some extra support during key moments of harvest and wine making.

stagiaires_2.jpgMarie Thomazo, 22, has a degree from the Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture in Angers. Marie arrived at the Château in April 2010, after having spent a year abroad at a winemaking university in Chile. Her main mission is to develop a map of the sensibility of the vineyard to developing mildew.  The aim is to then better plan treatments to combat disease.  Marie also greatly participated in the winemaking process that began during harvest, just like our other two interns.

Estabin Fortin and Jimmy Herbert, respectively 22 and 21, are both in their last year of studies for the Diplôme National d'Oenologie, in Dijon and Bordeaux.  They arrived in June for the first part of their internship, during which they assisted our vineyard director, Jacques Dupin, with pruning the vine.  An important exercise in team management, "which allowed us to grow and learn" according to Jimmy.
From September to December, they took part in the wide range of duties associated with the winemaking process in order to have a global and comprehensive vision of this particularly important phase in the making of our wines.

Their feedback at the end of their internships was unanimous. They were enthusiastic about such a rich experience, bringing to light the importance of terroir in expressing the intrinsic qualities of wine: requiring a great deal of work in the vineyard throughout the year, to be exploited in the cellar in order bring out the best.

Esteban is hoping to find new winemaking missions, and eventually become a cellar director. Jimmy would like to continue his education with the aim of becoming an agronomist.  Marie would like to head to the United States to continue her education in Californian wineries.

We wish all 3 of them the best of luck in their upcoming adventures.